All of the products in our store have been chosen very carefully. We spend alot of time visiting shops and showrooms looking for high quality, ethically sourced products from brands who share our vision. The criteria we use when selecting products to feature on our site are:

1. BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED - First and foremost all the products that we sell must be aesthetically pleasing (at least to us anyway!!). We only sell products that we love and wear/use ourselves. We think you will love them too.

2. SUSTAINABLY MADE - Products that are produced ethically, showing respect to people and the planet.

Here's a brief outline of the awesome brands we currently stock:

Highly innovative backpacks made from durable, 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Bluelounge create versatile backpacks to protect your laptop, tablet and all other essentials. These backpacks are also fully waterproof making them pefect for the fashion conscious, modern day commuter.

Eco-made was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2012, with the intent to create compelling products that have minimal impact on the environment. eco-made strives to develop new ideas and products that enhance technology and the world we live in with smart design and simple materials.

Ogami make their beautifully designed notebooks from REPAP® paper which is made from 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3, also known as Chalk!) and 20% non-toxic resins. The calcium carbonate comes from limestone recovered from quarries and from building industry waste. Mixed with resins it makes a paper that is resistant, durable and waterproof as well as soft, smooth and recyclable.

Our very own beautifully designed, thought provoking, sustainably made tshirts, accessories, bags, gifts and stationery. Our t-shirts are all printed on 100% organic cotton.

Q&Q is striving to make the world a better place by producing environmentally friendly watches. They are powered by light so you never have to change battery. These are high quality and high design - for men and women. 

Tapegear is  a young, environmentally-aware design team with Ryan Frank – one of Europe’s leading eco-designers – at the creative helm. Ryan has been designing products for TapeGear since their inception four years ago and from their studios in both Barcelona and London, TapeGear have already successfully launched a range of eco-sleeves for laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Their design ethos is based on the following principles:
1. Innovation through the unexpected use of sustainable materials;
2. Keeping product function, purpose and necessity intrinsic to design;
3. Using sustainable principles throughout the whole design and manufacture process.

 Handcrafted Wood timepieces. Simple, classic, and paired down watch styles, to suit both men and women. Despite their relatively no-frills design, no two watches are the same.

Founded by two friends Chris and Simon in 2013, Woodbuds is now a small passionate team brought together to do things the right way. Designing to make an impact on you and your music, not our planet.


If you would like to get your products in the Origin68 shop then you can send us an email to info[@]