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URU Design - Danish designed organic socks.

URU Design organic socks

Hot on the heels (pun intended) of our first batch of socks, we are extremely pleased to be able to introduce our favourite Danish sock producer, URU, into the Origin68 stable. Or should that be manger? Either way, URU have taken a slightly different approach to socks - they don't believe in the conformity of the pairs system. Embrace the anarchy of the solo sock!

Danish design is about creating aesthetic products based on Scandinavian values such as functionality, simplicity, minimalism. URU's ambition is to create Danish design combined with practical innovation and quality materials. Innovation means functional products that make life easier and more enjoyable. Our products provide tangible additional features such as more comfort, better functionality, daily ease of use or a combination. Quality is a matter of using the best possible environmental friendly and sustainable material with social responsibility.


Check them out for yourselves.