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New pelican t-shirt design

We've just released a brand new tshirt design. Hand drawn by our very own design team. By using the marbling patterns we used to make as children, we set about creating a shirt that would bring together the pelican and oil that affects the ecosystem so horribly. Inspired by several oil spills across the summer of 2014 and the scars of previous vast spills, like the Gulf of Mexico, we wanted to create a tribute to the ecosystems affected. The pelican is a favourite and noble beast, befitting as the centrepiece of the design. Pelicans and oil shouldn't mix. But we feel that when brought together as a hand drawn illustration, the results are poignant and beautiful. Hand printed in the UK on a LIGHT GREY climate neutral 100% organic cotton t-shirt. Available in the shop:

Pelican Newsletter_1120868Marble Pic 4    Marble Pic 6_900