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Now Stocking Bluelounge Recycled PET backpacks.

Product Stories - Recycled PET Backpacks These backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles which have been collected, sorted and cleaned. The bottles are crushed, shredded, dried and melted into a hot liquid. The recycled PET liquid is extruded into long strands, cooled, spun, and then spooled. The resulting fibre is woven into highly durable fabrics. The rucksack is then built. Clever we think you'll agree. See below for how that process works. It is a versatile backpack to protect your laptop, tablet and all other essentials. The backpack is also fully waterproof making it pefect for your commute. Roll the top up, or fold it over depending on your preference. The ergonomic shoulder straps contour around the neck to fit just right on the body. Styled with custom aluminum carabiners and quick-release thumb levers, creating a custom fit is virtually effortless. This Backpack includes all the features you need to fashionably and comfortably carry your devices. A neoprene cushioned laptop compartment with a custom iPad pocket provides the protection you need and the versatility you want. Bluelounge_Bag_Rust_4EFB_BP_Profile_RU Bluelounge_Bag_Grey_5EFB_BP_Profile_GR54_1100013 Bluelounge_Bag_process861288_31901443

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