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Introducing Tapegear Tech Cases for Ipad's and Laptop's

Product Stories - Tapegear Tech Cases Tapegear is  a young, environmentally-aware design team with Ryan Frank – one of Europe’s leading eco-designers – at the creative helm. Ryan has been designing products for TapeGear since their inception four years ago and from their studios in both Barcelona and London, TapeGear have already successfully launched a range of eco-sleeves for laptops, tablets and smart phones. Their design ethos is based on the following principles: 1. Innovation through the unexpected use of sustainable materials; 2. Keeping product function, purpose and necessity intrinsic to design; 3. Using sustainable principles throughout the whole design and manufacture process. The 'Shred' products we carry are made from Ecotex, a material created from 100% recycled textile waste from unwanted clothes and household fabrics. We think they look much better on your tech than on a landfill site! 1817-1375785110 Here's a neat video which introduces the 'Shred' sleeves. The 'Cork' products we stock are made from cork (surprise!). It  is sourced from certified cork plantations; meaning much of the production is hand crafted and ensures that no trees are cut down. Once the tree reaches 25-30 years old the cork can be removed for the first time, with subsequent extractions happening from then on every 9 years. The trees continue to live and grow for around 200 years making for a production process that is environmentally friendly and sustainable! Tape-Range_21766-1370278100

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