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URU Design - Danish designed organic socks.

URU Design organic socks

Hot on the heels (pun intended) of our first batch of socks, we are extremely pleased to be able to introduce our favourite Danish sock producer, URU, into the Origin68 stable. Or should that be manger? Either way, URU have taken a slightly different approach to socks - they don't believe in the conformity of the pairs system. Embrace the anarchy of the solo sock!

Danish design is about creating aesthetic products based on Scandinavian values such as functionality, simplicity, minimalism. URU's ambition is to create Danish design combined with practical innovation and quality materials. Innovation means functional products that make life easier and more enjoyable. Our products provide tangible additional features such as more comfort, better functionality, daily ease of use or a combination. Quality is a matter of using the best possible environmental friendly and sustainable material with social responsibility.


Check them out for yourselves.


New Bags

We have an entirely new range of recycled cotton canvas bags from the wonderful folk at Baggu and we have also increased the range of bags that we stock from Bluelounge, made from recycled plastic bottles!

New Tshirts - Shapes Collection

We have a trio of lovely new t-shirts ready for summer deployment. You could think of it as a Making Shapes E.P. as we explore some interesting geometric themes. 

First up is Equals. Here at Origin68 we believe that everyone is an equal regardless of gender, race, religion or whatever else people might use to divide us. We are infinitely stronger together regardless of what some of our politicians might think! #Brexit

Next we have Lazy Days by friend of Origin68 Joe Trickett. Joe's geometric triptych design put us in mind of hot lazy days by the pool, overlooked by an epic mountain-scape. For anyone who's been to Palm Springs; a bit like that! Guess that makes Joe our resident Hockney!

Finally we have Shapes. Triangles are our favourite shapes.... But we still like squares and circles too! This tessellation shows that nicely, as it interplays between the different geometric structures and their patterns. We like to think that it's a representation of a sound... A big bang if you will!

As with all Origin68 clothing, all three shirts are hand printed in the UK on a climate neutral 100% organic cotton t-shirt.



Product Stories - Hemp Eyewear

As you know, we are always on the lookout for new brands creating innovative and suatainably made products. Hemp Eyewear is no different. They have designed and created the world's first sunglasses made from hemp. Hemp Eyewear was launched as a kickstarter crowdfunded project back in 2014, by product designer Sam Whitten. As part of his final year he came up with the idea of creating sunglasses from hemp fibre. Something which had never been done before.

hemp eyewear

Hemp is stronger than cotton, more eco-friendly than plastic, completely sustainable and largely ignored. Hemp can grow in almost any climate and in unfavourable soil. Pesticides and isecticides which are normally used to grow other cops are not required. One of it's main advantages is that it can be grown and harvested within the space of a year making it super sutainable.

hemp eyewear
hemp eyewear

Each pair of hemp sunglasses are unique. No two pairs are identical, as the plant forms different structures within the frame. Hemps are unisex and come in one size.

The sunglasses are coated in an eco-friendly resin which adds extra waterproofing and strengthening properties.  Complete with eco-friendly polarised lenses and a carry case also made from hemp.

Hand made in the UK by actual people with their hands!

hemp eyewearhemp eyewearhemp eyewear

The sunglasses are available to buy in the shop. Each pair comes with it's own carry case also made from hemp.